Invisalign ® Invisible Braces

More and more adults are having their teeth straightened to reap the benefits of health gums and teeth. Current research shows straight teeth are easier to clean and have fewer problems due to dental diseases, like gum disease and dental decay.

A general dentist or an orthodontist can perform orthodontic treatment. Invisalign ® treatment involves the use of clear plastic aligners that are fabricated by a laboratory from computer generated images your dentist or orthodontist submits to the Invisalign ® lab. Smiles at San Tan Ranch is an Invisalign Dentist in Gilbert, able to provide Invisalign® to you and your family right here in our office. With additional training, our doctors are able to discuss if Invisalign® is right for you.

Orthodontic treatment involves moving teeth into proper alignment with one another and into a proper biting relationship. Invisalign ® can be an alternative to traditional brackets and wires for many teens and adults who wish to have a straight healthy smile. At Smiles at San Tan Ranch, your neighborhood dentist in Gilbert is here to help.

One of the many advantages to having your Invisalign ® done in your dentist office, is you can combine your regular check up and cleaning appointments with your orthodontic visit.

We have many different financing options available to help make payments for orthodontic treatment very comfortable. We happily provide FREE orthodontic consultations with one of our Invisalign ® certified dentists and we can do it right here in your regular dental office.

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