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Children and Brushing

Creative Ways to Encourage Your Children to Brush and Floss

Children are often easily distracted from their daily brushing and flossing and sometimes a little encouragement is merited! Since thorough brushing is not only imperative to keep children’s teeth cavity-free now—but also to establish good life-long habits—we have compiled a few ways to get your kids to brush.


We love songs. Just enough distracting, songs like The Happy Birthday song (sung twice) can help kids learn the proper amount of time to brush, however any 2-minute song is good! So, choose your child’s favorite and play it while they are brushing!

2-Minute Timer

A simple 2-minute kitchen timer will also do the trick when trying to ensure proper brushing time. Most people don’t realize how long 2 minutes really is and the timer will help encourage brushing the whole time.

Star Chart

What kid doesn’t appreciate a good star chart? Simple star stickers (or any fun stickers) can be used to track daily brushing and flossing. Star charts let children show their progress and success with their hygiene routines. Hang the star chart on the mirror or bathroom door to keep it front-and-center.

Reward System

Small rewards after a short period of time are a fun way to motivate children to maintain oral health. Rewards given weekly can teach children the value of doing these daily-habits each day. This can be small amounts of money, extra screen-time, a small toy or other desirable and age-appropriate treat.


Some kids do well when they are able to follow a checklist. Routine helps solidify the good habits necessary for good oral hygiene. Make an easy checklist that includes brushing, flossing, and rinsing. Combine this with other daytime and nighttime tasks such as brushing hair and washing face.

Employ one of these, or another fun or creative ways to connect with your children and educate them on the importance of a strong oral care routine. And if you have any great ideas you would like to share, please feel free to comment below—you may just help another parent!

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