Don’t Lose Your Yearly Dental Insurance Benefits

Don’t Lose Your Yearly Dental Insurance Benefits

Don’t Lose Your Benefits before the End of the Year

Many people do not realize if they do not use their benefits they will be gone! While the majority of dental plans run on a calendar year, there are some that run fiscally dependent on different situation. Please call one of our offices and we can help you with any of your Insurance questions.  We have compiled 4 different reasons why using your benefits before the end of the calendar year will save you time and money.

  1. Yearly Maximum

Your dental insurance plan likely has a yearly maximum, this amount is what your dental insurance plan has agreed to pay up to for the year. Most people have an average of $1,000 per year, per person, but this can vary by insurance company. Some insurance plans have Orthodontic (braces) benefits that have a onetime maximum, than amount can vary by Insurance Company.  If you have any unused benefits, they do not rollover to the next year so it is wise to plan ahead before your calendar or fiscal year ends.

  1. Deductible

Most insurance companies requires a deductible to be paid out of pocket to your dentist, before your insurance company will pay for any services. Depending on your plan and the dentist you choose, your deductible can vary in amount, however average deductibles are around $50 per year. When plans roll over to a new year, your deductible will also be reset.  If you have met your deductible for the year and you have pending treatment. It is a good idea to have that treatment completed.

  1. Premiums

You are paying dental premiums each and every month and you should be taking full advantage of them. If you don’t think you require dental treatment, coming in every six months for a cleaning is great for maintaining your oral health and preventing future dental problems. At your cleaning appointment, x-rays are taken and a dental exam is performed.  Any treatment that is needed will be discussed at this appointment.

  1. Dental Problems Can Worsen

If you still have benefits available before the end of the year, book yourself in for an appointment. Delaying treatment can mean that you will encounter more expensive and extensive treatment in the future. Call one of our Dental offices and schedule an appointment now, so that cavities and other minor issues can be treated rather than them turning into larger.  

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