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How to Avoid Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is preventable with proper care. However, many people do not know all of the ways they can protect their teeth. We have compiled the most effective ways to keep your smile healthy and clean.

1. Don’t forget to brush! Brush your teeth twice a day, once before bedtime and at least one other time during the day with a fluoride toothpaste. Every day! If you need tips for how to remember to brush, or how to handle the challenge of brushing while traveling—talk to your hygienist at your next visit.

2. The whole tooth. All the teeth. Brush every surface if the teeth. Front, backs, biting surfaces and around any gaps should be brushed thoroughly. Using specialty brushes and dental floss will help reach between teeth. There are multiple options and shapes of toothbrushes available today, and no one said you need to use just one type. It is perfectly acceptable to use two different types of toothbrush each time in order to clean each tooth.

3. Go to your appointments regularly. Regular dental cleanings are important for every member of the family. The dental office has the ability to thoroughly clean and check teeth for the initial signs of decay.

4. Food choices matter. Be aware of the foods you choose. Sugary foods should be limited and low or no sugar healthy alternatives should be chosen. Note that sugars are sometimes hidden, so check ingredients. Sucrose, maltose, glucose, lactose dextrose and fructose are all sugars – so be aware what you are eating.

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